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Register for Microsoft Excel training today! Doing your spreadsheet tasks will be never be the same again.

Microsoft Excel is of the most widely-used and flexible programs for corporate work, and by the end of our course you would have learnt how to use Microsoft Excel to tabulate data, create graphs, and calculate formulas to help your business organize and analyze information.

Our training program will cover how to use Excel to perform complex analyses, summarize your data, and choose the best way to present it to your audience.

Excel Better with Us

Acceleratia Microsoft Excel Course Malaysia
Course Duration

2 Days

  • Who Should Attend

    • Accounts Clerks
    • Accounts Assistants
    • Accounts Supervisors
    • Office Administrators
    • Administrative Assistants
    • Secretaries
    • Accounting Personnel
    • For Managers, or potentially to be managers, across all business units who have little or no formal education in organizational finance and accounting for a better understanding and how to support and enhance revenue generation in their businesses


Getting comfortable in Excel 2013
  • Starting Excel 2013
  • Identifying what’s new in Excel 2013
Creating and editing worksheets
  • Entering and organising data
  • Changing column widths
  • Using formatting to alter the appearance of data
  • Extending a series with AutoFill
  • Introducing Flash Fill
  • Selecting and naming cell ranges
  • Using column headers to define names
  • Moving around in the worksheet
  • Moving and adjusting cells
  • Moving and copying rows and columns
  • Copying one or more cells to many
Manipulating numbers and text
  • Creating, editing, and copying formulas
  • Using functions
  • Using the AutoSum button and built-in function
  • Inserting functions
  • Using relative, fixed, and mixed cell references
  • Using names in formulas and validating cell entries
  • Looking at useful functions
  • Working with text in Excel
  • Combining text from multiple cells into one string
  • Removing extra spaces
  • Copying cells containing formulas and pasting only their resulting values
  • Changing the case of text
  • Restricting cell entries
Analyzing data
  • Exploring a built-in template
  • Performing what-ifanalyses
  • Managing multiple what-if models
  • Using the Quick Analysis tools
  • Formatting conditionally
  • Analyzing data from another source
  • Filtering data with tables
  • Filter menu commands
  • Adding data to tables
  • Sorting data
  • Creating a custom sort list
  • Creating a PivotTable


Formatting worksheets
  • Applying number formatting
  • Formatting with styles
  • Creating custom themes
  • Formatting in cells
  • Working with custom number formats
  • Working with percentage formats
  • Working with fraction formats
  • Working with date formats
  • Protecting worksheets
  • Setting view options
  • Storing formats in templates
Manipulating workbooks and worksheets
  • Inserting rows and columns
  • Inserting and deleting cells
  • Working with panes and page layout options
  • Printing row and column labels on every page
  • Adjusting page breaks
  • Creating a multisheet workbook
  • Manipulating sheets
  • Summarizing a multisheet workbook
  • Working with sheet references
  • Managing multiple workbooks
Creating charts and graphics
  • Creating and modifying a chart
  • Adding a slicer to a PivotChart
  • Manipulating chart elements
  • Adding a timeline to a chart
  • Manipulating objects
  • Creating and sharing graphics
  • Using graphics elsewhere
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