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Register for Microsoft Word training today! Doing your word processing tasks will be never be the same again.

Learn how to make Microsoft Word work for you and your business! By the end of our course, you will be able to use Microsoft Word for writing, collaborating and presenting ideas.

Microsoft Word is a highly-flexible, user-friendly tool, now with added features to make your reading and writing experience easier, and keep you focused on your content. It’s the most popular word processing program in the world, and our training program will allow it to work for you and your company.

Word for your business

Acceleratia Microsoft Word Course Malaysia
Course Duration

2 Days

  • Who Should Attend

    • Accounts Clerks
    • Accounts Assistants
    • Accounts Supervisors
    • Office Administrators
    • Administrative Assistants
    • Secretaries
    • Accounting Personnel
    • For Managers, or potentially to be managers, across all business units who have little or no formal education in organizational finance and accounting for a better understanding and how to support and enhance revenue generation in their businesses


Getting comfortable in Word 2013
  • Exploring the Word 2013 user interface
  • Modifying your document view
  • Changing other view options
  • Discovering what’s new in Word 2013
Navigating and reading documents
  • Navigating a document by scrolling and using keyboard shortcuts
  • Searching and navigating a document by using the Navigation pane
  • Collapsing and expanding document content
  • Working with documents in the new Read Mode
  • Exploring research tools in Read Mode
Editing and composing documents
  • Moving the cursor by using keyboard shortcuts
  • Selecting text by using the keyboard and mouse
  • Selecting text by using the keyboard
  • Selecting text by using the mouse
  • Using other selection methods
  • Using formatting marks during document composition
  • Inserting symbols, international characters, and other special characters
  • Inserting special characters
  • Using AutoCorrect
  • Composing documents faster by using building blocks
Formatting documents
  • Formatting documents more efficiently
  • Setting default document formatting for your documents
  • Setting section formatting
  • Using styles for paragraph and character formats
  • Exploring other paragraph formats
  • Exploring other character formats
  • Changing case
  • Managing pagination through formatting
Presenting information
  • Formatting simple lists by using bullets and numbering
  • Creating tabbed lists
  • Inserting tables
  • Enhancing tables
Finalizing documents
  • Correcting proofing errors
  • Inspecting documents before publishing
  • Marking documents as final
  • Creating PDF files in Word
  • Printing documents
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